Part 5 Homefront - War at Home This is the finale! There are 3 endings, take your pick. You can reverse your decision you made in Endgame. Each decision in Endgame continues with 1 decision in Homefront but you are given the choice to pick an alternate ending to reverse the decision of the previous game. One ending is hidden and you have to find it to trigger it. This is a unique setup, without making you go back and remake your decision. How would you end the story? The first half of the map is gameplay oriented. The second half is story. You do need the mod to play this. To play, either play a previous map and continue or press in ` or ~ and type in homefront. You do need the mod to play because it requires the helicopter combat script. If there are any issues and bugs, please let me know by PMing me on moddb or post on the modpage. I am finally done the mod! After years of work, it's finally done! Whoo!!!!! Thanks! Enjoy

Heroes 7 Part 5 Checkmate/Homefront - War at Home
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