Heroes 7 Part 4 "Brothers" Episode 1 Yesterday Play this epic flashback mission in a nuclear missile facility in new locale and weather! Find out how S.E.T. and the Parkers' family came to be. Also find what Al-Kab-Dir's involvement is. To play the map, extract the files to your root COD4 folder. Place the yesterday.iwd file into mods/Heroes 7 if you are playing with the mod. If not, move the file into COD4/main folder. To launch the game, press ` or ~ and type in map yesterday. This mission is finalized but there may be some tweaks left over. Also, as I will be providing an installer, I will be fixing up any remaining bugs and releasing the maps as part of the installer. I'm thinking a sort of web installer so your game auto updates but I don't have any experience with this kind of installer. I'll have to see if it works. Any bugs or issues, please let me know by PMing me on moddb or on the mod page. Thanks! Enjoy! Kevin

Heroes 7 Part 4 Episode 1 Yesterday
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