Load the game and in main menu, open console (~) and type map dday2. This is the release of the 3rd map of episode 6. Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 6 Part 3 "Highway to Hell - A Bridge Too Far". YOU NEED THE MOD TO PLAY THE MAP. RTS MODE AND HELICOPTER GAMEPLAY NEED THE MOD. PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT IN THE ADD-ONS SECTION. Please config your RTS controls in the options menu. This map is half RTS only and half scripted. The first half is RTS only. To command teammate helicopter, press "enter". This map is buggy because of the new features. The helicopter flying part, you may be playing as the secondary helicopter. You'll know when you see a guy where you are sitting. You can continue or load the last save by opening the console (~) and put in loadgame_continue. It is wise to type in devsave when HQ informs you of air assets. The helicopter is also bugged. You may also fly out of the area. If you really gone out of the map, please reload the last save. This map may be patch

Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 6 Part 3 "HH - ABTF"
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