This is my first ever DOOM 2 WAD. I would be happy to take criticism for it, as I am just beginning to make DOOM mods. This is a short 7-level map pack that I made using GZDoom Builder and Slade3. Credits: for the custom music Realm667 for custom monsters and weapons

HAxis Powers

Map 1- Had be cringing cuz bland and ugly. (I take it back. Thanks for the plasma rifle <3)

Map 2- That one was good! Warehouse style. Legit.

Map 3- Dude Yes! You could tell what everything was, nice placement use of the Wolfenstein stuff unlike Wolfenstein that had the picture every 2 blocks. That little maze room was cool, and that end room surprised me slightly.

Map 4- This one was a butt guster in a good way! That was a beautiful little map. That climax in the courtyard made me gulp, and the exit room was a great relief after getting killed in the courtyard a few time!

Map 5- Oooo. Pure Carnage and Cool tanks!

Map 6- Aesthetically pleasing but not a challenge.

Map 7- Definitely made up for map 6. That was very fun.

Overall that was a B-rate run. Keep up the good work!

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doonsday343 Author

Yeah, I'm sorry for the ****** first level, to be honest, I guess my skills kind of improved as the levels went on. Glad you enjoyed it!

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I liked the WAD. It wad entertaining and designed pretty well. My only real criticism is that there were many misaligned textures, door tracks that weren't unpegged, and in certain areas, it wasn't balanced greatly. At the end of I think map 05 or 06, the end was a room completely stuffed with chaingunners. I couldn't find any efficient approach to taking care of them, and felt like a bit of a waste of time. Other than that, I feel like it was pretty good, and didn't take too long.

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