Now available the Official Demo Game of Havoc Runner!

Havoc Runner Official Demo

The game is fun to play though I wish the background and graphics were more better. I mean, it's hard to tell which blocks can be stand on and which can't
Also I wish I can shoot directly upwards (it's really annoying when enemy can shoot from above me)

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Dragmacom Author

Regarding the problem of the blocks, I promise that I will find a way to solve this problem, because in fact makes it a little confusing for the player.

What about the fact that you can aim all the way up, I create a new model to make this possible (trust me, most of the game models are 3D).

Thank you for spreading their opinions.

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Can you fix jumping issues as well? I'm in sewers ATM most of the time, I fell to pits thanks to jumping issues
1. Normally in platformers when a character jumps forward, he/she will make an arc, however in this game the arc is broken at peak of the jump. IOW something stops characters at peak of the jump and that shouldn't happen
2. Mechs should have heavy movement i.e after jumping they shouldn't be moving forward after landing. The mechs in this game unfortunately have light movement making them slips after each jump. There are couple times I slipped and fell off platforms thanks to the slippery issue this demo currently has

Related to sewers, in room with keycard and wide pit in the middle, the moving platforms somehow could get stuck while moving causing two platforms to overlap each other
Also, when I tried to jump toward the wall hoping to fall straight down to ledge below, some strange force dragged the mech to the pit (???). That is really strange and make jumping really hard cause in platformers, hugging the wall is one of best ways to manuever
Last, while riding moving platform to return after taking the keycard, some strange force pushed the mech off the platform (???). I don't know what is was but it's really annoying

This game has potential and can become great game if only those basic issues are solved :D

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Thanks for report it, man! We're working on solve these problems. Coming soon, we'll show the updates.

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