new update with some new features and some tweaks for the weapons change log on description

Halo DoomV1.5

Dude..... YES! This went from being crap to being completely awesome! Great job on the update!

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Could you make a version or add an option to reduce the amount of item pickups. I went through btsx on hard mode and I didn't even have to do much because of all the tanks and spartans I could deploy.
EDIT: Scratch that, is there a way to revert barrels back into barrels? Why not change the barrels into fusion coils? Maybe something like the tech barrel from the Complex Doom ClusterF mod. Just an idea.
EDIT2: I replaced the barrels with a mod in the meantime. I'm going to have to find a map where the escalation is slow. It just doesn't feel like Halo to be a rip and tear type of game. Might try out something another map that doesn't add so many weapons. Btw, the shotgun doesn't seems to fire in the center of the screen.
EDIT3: Some of the weapons are too bright (rocket launcher, shotgun, fuel rod cannon).

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