-=Half-Life NOIR pack v1.0=- About: replaces all the textures and models to give the game a noir feeling. unfortunately all the colors of all lights are semi hardcoded/compiled into each hl maps wich makes it very hard to replace the colors. General install instructions 1. Grab the latest FWGS/xash3d release extract it. 2. Copy the valve folder from your steam or retail copy of half-life into the xash folder. 2a. Backup this dir if you want to revert to the normal textures again. 3. Unpack this archive to your xash3d folder and overwrite files when prompted. 4. launch Xash3d and choose Half-Life Noir under custom game or create a shortcut to xash_vc.exe with a "-game hl_bw" switch Notice : this could work on the Steam but it is untested. Tools used : Photoshop, Wally 1.55b, Wad2bmp, Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer, Goldsrc Mdldecompiler, Studiomdl, zhlt ripent, fimg

Half-Life NOIR
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