This is a program used to compile hl2 beta format maps only, it was used to compile fixed hl2 beta maps. This was downloaded from, credits goes to ectoBiologist15. What this can do, -Multi Compile, -VMF can be anywhere, not just in your maps folder, -More user friendly and easier to use in general, -Different settings for VVis and VRad at the click of a button, -You can leave, move, or delete the VMF or the log, -Easier option to start game as soon as the compilation is done. (Default off), -By default, the BSP is put in the maps folder, but if (for some reason) you want to put it in the same place as the VMF, there is an option for it, -Bigger file size, but still tiny. (1.29mb).

Half Life 2 Beta Map Compiler
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