HacX (pronounced "hacks") is a total conversion for Doom II. It was created by Banjo Software in 1997, and featured an entirely new set of graphics. HacX uses a DeHackEd modified version of the Doom engine and the authors of HacX paid id Software $5,000 for the rights to market HacX as a commercial add-on for Doom II. HacX itself was generally unsuccessful; by the time it was released, the superior Quake engine that had just come out made the Doom engine pale in comparison. Public interest for Doom and games derived from it was, effectively, dead; even though HacX was considered a decent TC, it arrived on the market too late to become a success. HACX shareware. You'll need Doom2 v1.9 to play it.

HacX Demo
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Looks interesting.

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