A very simple mod that add some new stuff to GTA SA Update Alpha 0.5 1- Added Bounty. You can now find peds that have red markers, kill them, to earn some cash 2- Bug fixes 3- Now car dealership Give you max of 900$ instead of 600$ [note: if you find any bugs, try to download and install the mod again, i fix bugs and upload them, but without adding them to the "Update"] 1- Ability to sell vehicles for cheap price 2- Ability to mod your vehicle with some unique changes (like bullet proof, and double health) 3- weapons dealers, they sell you weapons for higher prices than ammunation, they're unlocked from the beginning) 4- ability to buy a vehicle and set it to generate anywhere you want (spawns infinitely) 5- Ability to adjust camera FOV by pressing Backspace 6- 3 Totally new side missions 7- Ability to buy heavy weapon (like Minigun, RPG, etc.) +Plus new stuff in 0.5

GTA SA Additions
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