Before you install, you need to have Opposing Force and Half-Life installed on your machine. Backup your sentences.txt which is in your Gearbox/sound folder. Extract into your gearbox folder, when you start up Opposing force just click new game and it should start (if for some reason it doesn't work, start OP4 with the -console command line in your shortcut properties, click on console and then type map of0a0)

Ground Zero 2: Fallout

Does this mod work with steam? If it does, I can't find the game files :/
It's not under "common" or "[username]".

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TheUnbeholden Author

In order to use it with steam you have to extract it to /[username]/Half-Life/Gearbox/

The folder isn't there so you have to create it.

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where is the light version ?

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