This is the demo for Power Trail, currently under a Greenlight campaign to make it to Steam. If you like the demo, please consider leaving a vote on the Steam Greenlight page (accessible from main menu). Please note that the game is still in development and the demo may not reflect the quality of the final game. For players unfamiliar with this type of game, it is recommended to go to the Training menu to learn about the rules of the game and try out the practice modes. The demo features single player vs. CPU, 1v1 local multiplayer and 1v1 online multiplayer. For online play, the hosting player must forward a port in their router settings, and the other player must join through the host's IP address. A release on Steam would allow to simplify this process using the Steam friends system and server browser. Character selection, stage selection and tweaking of game rules are disabled for the demo. Default controls are found in the Readme file but can be rebound in the Settings menu.

Greenlight Demo (v0.1.0)
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