This is the generals alpha 98 build files. this is not a game you can play, the files are for to be used to mod generals and for to look at all the old build units such as gla power plants. to look at some of theses files you will need the photo shop dds plug in to look at them. if anyone wants the plug in and cant find it tell me and i will upload it here

Generals Alpha 98 Build Files
Kleer - - 89 comments

Thank you! I've been looking this for years. (Not exaggerating)

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zangef - - 1 comments

e all games

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Nimostar - - 493 comments

THank you for this, I needed the assets to mod

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GamingCommander135 - - 83 comments

Can someone explain how to download this build? Im dying to know.

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Gracktov - - 1 comments

Quite a few traces of Westwoods CNC3 inside these files, which confirms Generals was built on top of a build of CNC3.

Search for 'nod' and 'gdi' inside this file - /Run/Data/GDFDatabase/Generals(Assets).gdf

Shows stuff like this -

// The Mammoth Tank
Asset: Textures/GXMammothAlt
Properties: Texture/Targa
Path: "..\Art\Models\GDI\Mammoth\GXMammothAlt.tga";

The w3d files for the GXMammoth tank are in LegacyArt and Textures and W3D.

/LegacyArt/ contains various files for a Nod Commando - Cmdo-Skin.W3D

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