Current version - 0.4 A casual action-puzzle shooter This is still a WIP project and subject to changes Get ready for the biggest, brain busting game of the year! To install - Unzip package to a folder of your choice, but make sure both the .exe and _Data folder are in the same location, otherwise the game will refuse to run. Keep an itchy trigger finger in this game because the longer you play, the faster the gems start appearing. If any gems are outside of the playing circle for too long, you only have a short amount of time before a five second countdown starts and when that happens, it's game over! Controls are simple, move the mouse and click or hold the left button to fire your laser, The further a gem is outside the playing circle, the more points you get for destroying it, successive hits increase your combo chain, but one mistake will reset it and most of all enjoy the game! You can follow other projects at my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles

Gem Blast
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