Btw i'm not the creator of this mod i just reupload it because the website has disappeared. I would like to do right because i still had that mod on my external hdd and also because this mod is gone all over the internet. That's why i want to do everyone a favor with it. Thank you. 18 Wheels Of Steel - Pedal To The Metal - Gamergull's Traffic Fun Pack With this mod you're able to drive traffic vehicle with cockpit. Vehicles: - BMW 5 Series - Dodge Ram - Ford Mustang - Ford Probe - Police Car - School Bus Each of those vehicles all have 3 colors available. Btw readme.txt file is in the file. It's very important to everybody to read it please? Thanks in advance. Credits: Richard P and Gamergull Btw if you "Richard P" and "Gamergull" ever see your mod here and wanted to delete it contact me and i'll delete it with no problems.

Gamergull's Traffic Fun Pack
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