The 1.02 patch for Osiris. This is not a full download, but a patch for people who already have version 1.01!

Full Invasion: Osiris | 1.02 Patch for 1.01

Hey, after i installed the patch I get always 5-9 lines in red in the chat from the game, that the game cant open some textures when i equip some stuff in the menu and when i dont close this menu, until 2 sec. after the red lines showed up, my game is crashing all the time. FIX IT

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Hi fi2 developers, first i want to thank you for your amazing work.

sadly the patch on mod mb isnt working. Before the recent patch , fi2 worked fine, but now i get the message that the Servers run Version 1.020 and i run Version 1.000

Here is how i patched fi2 : after i got the message the first time i downloaded patch 1.02 and unzipped it into my modules folder for fi2, overwriting all data that had to be overwritten. It didnt work, had the same error message as above.

Then i downloaded 1.0 full Version, 1.1 patch and 1.2 patch, deleted the previous fi2 and installed 1.0, then patched 1.1 and after that i patched 1.2 over that.

It didnt work, i got the same error as above

I dont use steam so maybe a script for 1.2 is missing in the mod files?

could you run the same files downloaded from fi2 to see if you would get the same error?

PS: i also downloaded the exe file, but i couldnt read/ open it, do i need a special program for it?

i hope i get a reply, do you guys have a reddit account i can write to?

best wishes

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