This mod is challenging and very different from vanilla. You will need to adjust to the new economic changes I've added to win. If you like long domination campaigns then this mod is for you. It will take you 300 - 400 turns at a minimum if playing on very hard. Pay close attention to the stats on each building. The old building stats have been adjusted and the new buildings add even more to manage. The tax system has changed, you will want to keep your taxes as low as possible at all times, only increasing them for a turn or two in emergencies. The key to winning is the growth of your provinces. This mod has monetary inflation the further you get to end game. Your income will inflate but so will the upkeep of your armies. You cannot capture more provinces than your economy can handle. You will need to build up your current provinces buildings and wealth before capturing more.

Fourstrider's Japan

I have about 16 hours on Shogun 2 and I am not good at this game because I am defensive and use to the Medieval 2 system. I will download this and I will suffer. I am excited and scared. Do you have any tips besides keeping low tax and minimum on capturing settlements?

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fourstrider Author

I'm not familiar with the Medieval system but this mod should reward a defensive playstyle. The best tips I could give is to make good alliances with strong clans. Use as little troops as possible and rely on your garrison. Take your time.

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