This file contains all art assets, map assets, and source code for the game as of June 15th, 2008. These files are being released to the community for learning only, please do not use them verbatim in your own mod. If you do, give PUBLIC credit to the Forsaken development team (not hidden in the source files). Art: Greg "Shrill" Flemming, Artem "X-Convict" Volchik, Sean "n30 g3n3s1s" McBride Code: Ben "Obike" Everett and Matt "Chamby" Chambers Maps: Dan "Rovient", Arrakis

Forsaken Assets & Source Code

Nice, i download it now.

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How to build source code?
I have many errors like this:
4>tier1.lib(strtools.obj) : error LNK2019: ссылка на неразрешенный внешний символ __imp___AssertValidReadPtr в функции "void __cdecl AssertValidReadPtr<void const >(void const *,int)" (??$AssertValidReadPtr@$$CBX@@YAXPBXH@Z)

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