Responding to community feedback, I am happy to release an updated version of Flotilla WWII, with updated UI and, more importantly, with far improved graphics! There is also a new installer, using InnoSetup, allowing you to select install directory, with XNA redistributables embedded, and allowing future releases to be installed on top of this. Flotilla WWII is the first naval game with both base building and combat carried out in the same theater. Building on the model of the first TBT naval games, gamplay is expanded with base building to provide a full naval TBS around the Pacific Front of WWII. Command 9 ship classes and 4 types of aircraft, and build factories, ports, airstrips and AA batteries to secure victory in the archipelago. If you like the game, don't forget to upvote in Steam Greenlight (link in main page) and share with your friends, your support is what drives us!

FlotillaWWII setup
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