Version 2 of First Pixel Shooter. *First release unstable edition* Many changes implemented, including: - Fixed *all* floating texture problems- Cheats added- MG, ACR, USP, Tactical Knife, Dual Pistols, Dual SMG added- Nightwatch, Ridge, Altitude, Pounland maps added- Texture pack completed(?) and supported- Dodge roll added- Airstrikes awarded at 10 killstreak (Arena) And much more. Texture pack will be up for download within 24-48 hours, as well as the PCW pack, enabling play of an Arena map. However, there may be bugs and glitches that have not been ironed out. I stopped working on the game and only just came back to finalize and publish it. Because of that, this version may be unstable. However, I've found that the best testers are the players, so report any problems you find!

First Pixel Shooter version 2 Beta
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