Fierce War ver44. Full version. 162 mb. Have fun :D

Fierce war mod ver44

Hey hong good job and appreciate your work buddy :)
but what changes have your brought now on this version or is it aal the update that you recently posted compacted in to one version?
either way keep up the good work my man your # 1 fan khaled from the middle east- jordan

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honest review:it's a good version i loved what you did for the units in the modern age it was Great ! only you have deleted couple of units that were good in this mod such as {the police officer-special corps\delta\spetznas\sas
and why saudi arabia's courtyard foutain is an indian shaman statute and you can't recruit rebel milita i mean come on..bin laden was forming his Al-qaeda from saudi mujahideen back when the soviets invasion of afghanistan started ! , i wish if the rebels could be stronger a litle bit to have a good stand in face of any assault infantry by increasing their hit points and attack
and i was expecting to see the light armored car with a machine gun instead of a small cannon but not seeing the unit !... smh my god that was heavy :(
i may have been harsh a bit in my comment but we need to see a further improvements the last version was AWESOME! in the information age !
also i have a couple of ideas it maybe an unorthodox BUT i'll be sending them to you on youtube shortly.

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