FEAR-COOP BY Perfect Form Build: Beta V.02 ================================================ Build Beta V.02 (10 May, 2006) Added Team Selection. This allows server hosts to turn off Team Killing and for variation of COOP game types with the possibility of Dual TDM/COOP (battle AI and opposing team). Added Team Radio Commands Added SlowMo Support for maps with SlowMo enabled ================================================ FEAR-COOP is a multiplayer cooperative gaming mode mod for F.E.A.R. that is designed to be played with custom made maps containing AI or single player mission maps. The mod files are contained within an extractable FEAR-COOP.exe file. Simply double click on the file and follow the installation instructions to install. FEAR-COOP installs the mod files in this location C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR The files contained within this executable are: 1. FEAR-COOP.archcfg 2. FEAR-COOP.Arch00 3. FEAR-COOP.bat 4. FEAR-COOP-Server.bat 5. FEAR-COOP.ICO 6. FEAR-COOP-SP-MAPS.Arch00...

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