Extreme Deathmatch Game Mode Add-On for Mobile Suit Gundam 0073-0083. This is a modified variant of [METROID][4]'s Game Mode specifically built around this mod. This game mode fixes a known bug that is present in the Gundam 0079-0083 Mod where Asteroids sometimes give Low RU's. Throwing this in will fix that bug up immediately, and overall make your game much more fun by adding in multiple new mutators in the Skirmish Settings for you to set before you start a Skirmish Battle.It is Strongly Recommended to get this Addon in tangent with the 0079-0083 mod to fix that "Low RU's" Bug once and for all, and to make your overall experience with the mod Better.

[OUTDATED] EDM - HW2 Remastered UC 0079 - 0083
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