A quick patch for EitB v11, with a couple of bugfixes and balance changes. Despite the name, it operates as a stand-alone installer. This patch fixes the bugs found in version 11 - the Calabim Manor not showing up, and Planar Gates not spawning correctly as well as some balance tweaks of its own. The Lesser Summons made available to Summoner leaders were rolled back, Cassiel's traits were changed to PHI/IND (ADA), Undercouncil and Overcouncil were moved to Poisons and Medicine respectively, and Medicine's price was cut to 1000b.

Erebus in the Balance v11.1
WZR - - 4 comments

Wow. Great idea especially for AI Navy!

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Qgqqqqq Author
Qgqqqqq - - 3 comments


Most of the credit for the naval stuff goes to Tholal's More Naval AI mod (which since expanded into correcting AI functions) as well as a little to Sareln's work on earlier versions of EitB, however, I haven't really done anything in that department ;)

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Hellvonraizer - - 2 comments


and great work bringing this wonderful mod (back) to live:).

If it helps someone, I had some problems installing this mod, but in the end got it to work.

First I tried to install only this version(Erebus in the Balance v11.1).
Well, I received "GFC error: failed to initialize the primary control theme".

After trial and error, I did manage to get the latest version to work.

Here is how I did that:

- Deleted all the mods from the mod-folder of BTS. I read from somewhere(true or not) that other mods can sometimes interfere with other mods.
- Played a quick match (Play now) of BTS (1 turn, exited game). Also just to make sure, fiddled with settings (to make sure the config file would be saved).
- Then I installed Fall from Heaven II (normal version, media pack and then patch o). Played a quick match and exited (with settings fiddling).
- My next step was to install the EitB v9 (which I had tested successfully before).Played a quick match and exited (with settings fiddling).
- Final step was ofc to install the Erebus in the Balance v11.1 . And success in the end. :)

I do not know if it helped or not, in the mod-folder, I now only have Fall From Heaven II, EitB v9 and Erebus in the Balance v11.1 .

I do recognize that some steps might be redundant/pointless, but I'm just happy it works now.


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Qgqqqqq Author
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...this makes me realise I really need to cross post on this forum. :thumbsup:

That error is something that comes along because of a dumb mistake of mine - which is that the art assets are called not from the folder itself, but from a folder named "Erebus in the Balance" which is what v9 installs as, whereas v11 installs as its version number. Thus, you have a few options:

1. Rename the mod folder "Erebus in the Balance" (or just remove the v11 suffix). It should now load correctly.
2. Create a dummy folder "Erebus in the Balance" with the folder "Assets" and the .fpk file copied over there. (I haven't actually tested this one.)
3. Download an old copy of v9 or earlier, which will install into the correct place and serve as the art source. This is what you (inadvertently) did.

This issue will be fixed in the next version of EitB.

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Hellvonraizer - - 2 comments


Started hot-seat game with a friend. I chose Lanun, friend chose the Grigori.
Everything seems good, until a question of a bug or not:
- one of the adventurers can go beyond 100exp, the other not (both originally hunters). The one that can't/won't go beyond the "cap" was tested by it killing two barbarian archers(no exp), then upgrading it to assassin, after which it killed one archer, still no exp.
- so, guessing it's a bug?
- no (other) mods in use.

Also of note, at my friends computer, just renamed the folder name to "Erebus in the Balance" and it works perfectly - we have had much fun(the bug is bugging though) ;).

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Qgqqqqq Author
Qgqqqqq - - 3 comments

No bug. Barbarians will give you xp up to 100, but not beyond (in the same way that in base BTS, they give up to 10xp). If you attack a normal enemy unit, it ought to work fine.

BTW, this is a ineffecient way to contact me - I don't get notifications from it, I just come by ever so often to see if anythings happened. Posting here: or here: I generally check daily.

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