Once upon a time, war was simpler. There were concrete goals and issues. There were the tools of war, that had always been as such for centuries. Even gunpowder had a century to settle into the engine of war and find its place. But technology marches on, and technology is marching ever quicker. When the Aquileian soldier storms into battle she carries with her a voice and her weapons. The Elan, once important for any army has faded from the forefront when tanks and planes shrug off small bullets. The weapons of war have jumped miles in less than a decade, from rifles all the way to nuclear weapons. All around the world, as the dust settles from the wars that consumed the continent, they wait for the next war. A war to truly end all wars. Magic and sorcery give way to steel and technology. Where pegasi and griffons once dominated the skies, they are being pushed away by helicopters and fighters, machine guns tearing through soft tissue.

Equestria At War “Two Eagles: Arsenal of Harmony”
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