Epic between war3 and dota2 demo alpha v0.840------------------------

Epic between war3 and dota2 demo alpha v0.888
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v0.820 update info:
1. When switching to the third person mode with the T button, the third person mode of the original Warband has the target.
2. Some parts of the Warcraft remake character model lack the back face, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the cloak and other parts can not be seen from some directions. This has been fixed.Added Fire Lord/SF model, not used.
3. To judge whether displacement can be carried out at the same time for all action events that have been added heroes, that is, whether displacement can be carried out at the same time when the move is released.As is known to all, this type of DotA-type hero in the corresponding game is not allowed to walk and A, either walk or A, unless it is allowed to walk and A in a big move like the Windler, so now the hero's attack behavior stops moving, and in RTS mode it no longer appears to automatically attack close to the enemy.Left Ctrl is used when facing close to the enemy (in normal mode, the attack button of melee hero is still left mouse button, and the attack button of remote hero is left Ctrl no matter what mode)

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MODV0.840: MODV0.840
1. The camping interface starts to enable netease mobile game mode, with real game time (this is only relative, not real time in real life) at the bottom. At 0 o 'clock every day, you can sign in for seven days and sign in for a month, and get the corresponding amount of ingot and copper coins respectively as virtual currency, while dinar is the real currency.Card can extract equipment including hero card < fragments may be a hero > later, smoke free for the first time, every day want to smoke, additional need to spend an extra 100 silver piece, has a chance to draw invalid card, each pick a card must be ten times the hero card < unless have smoked light now live-fire hero card >, smoke the same hero card will be reduced to 1000 copper COINS,There is no task set for now, so if you click "task", you can get 64,800 dinars, and if you click "VIP", you can get 64,800 dinars for 648 yuan.
2. Cancel the first person switch function of R key in third person mode.
3. Changed some of the Tavern NPC Settings to some of the Tavern 2 Heroes.
4. Extra note: the reason why netease mode is enabled now is to avoid losing part of the test equipment in the battle and provide a way to get the test equipment. The introduction of drawing card heroes and equipment is specially used to get the MOBA heroes and equipment in this form.And the conventional need to be reflected in the appearance of the equipment or by the outside of the store.In the future, it is expected that the tavern hero will take on a hero appearance, and the other lords on the map will summon heroes to play as class players using the hero card

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