This is my first upload, it's the text file folder and the xml files. Not all the xml files are needed, but better than to be safe rather than sorry. These files change a significant portion of the game, so rather than completely screw up your game by merging these files, just simply change the current folder "XML" and "TEXT" to "XML2" and "TEXT2". Now if you have neither of these, then simply ignore that. To uninstall, just delete the folders/files. This mainly changes the Corsortium and that is what I will be working on for the next little while. It changes the rebels and empire a bit too, making them stronger than they should be, as to make you somewhat weaker, so I wouldn't suggest playing as them while this is installed (Big loss, I know). Whenever I learn how to make it into it's own mod folder and actually run, I'll upload that version. This version also hasn't been tested much, as I've been slightly busy. So, you're the testers. Report any and all errors here and have fun.

Enhanced Corsortium Alpha Version 0.2
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