This mod adds a Grand Total of 196 new enemies to The Commonwealth! A mod which adds Enclave Remnants NPC's to the Commonwealth. There are a total of 109 Enclave Shocktroopers, 41 Enclave Mister Gutsy Units, 34 Enclave Juggernauts, and 12 Enclave Assaultrons added to the main Worldspace, which makes 196 new enemies for you to fight. Locations where you can find them are Quincy Quarries, Corvega Assembly Plant, Fens Street Sewer, inside 2 of the craters in The Glowing Sea, Cambridge PD, Big John's Salvage, College Square, The Combat Zone, near Fallon's Department Store, outside of Goodneighbor, Faneuil Hall, and INSIDE of Diamond City. XD. You will spawn at the same time as the Enclave, when you next travel to Diamond City. Most likely they will slaughter the entire town, unless you and your companions are packing Power Armor and heavy ordinance.

Enclave Remnants Invasion
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