Didn't get the new scenes or the new models back yet,seems I'm the only one working on this right now, redid AI travel script, kidnapped girl quest fixed, debug window shouldn't come up all the time at tournaments, cleaned out unused textures since I've decided to not add anymore items removed 1.1 gigs worth about 1000 textures, can sell village and city enterprises now, changed prices of headquarters and houses, took out bad helm kettle salet, lazy -1 to wandering for resting hits very little now, landing your ship on the beach doesn't change its name anymore, fixed salt enterprise, village enterprises have the right name in the budget summery now, 58 ports are in game, moved a bunch of villages, made land textures resolution much smaller, fixed typo thiefs changed to thieves, wood and stone available for settlements is correct now, you can demolish your fort now, fort garrisons should work now, took out water travel script from all quests they should work now, added OSP Map icons

Empire III Beta4
mbgombt - - 2 comments

download 1.2gb?must be crazy...

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lordnivek1 - - 24 comments

Yeah, it is crazy how many awesome changes the game makes with such a small download.

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samuraika - - 90 comments

i will say, it worth it

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Guest - - 699,827 comments

Battle continuation isn't working :(

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LorDric Author
LorDric - - 1,102 comments

You must not be setting it in the camp menu

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Nubbycao - - 18 comments

This mod is amazing, I have never seen an actual mod showing all of the entirety of Calradia, though the townspeople could use some kind of editing so it shows that they are in that Tribe.

I like how it shows a lot of diversity in the world though, so I like it quite a lot.

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LorDric Author
LorDric - - 1,102 comments

Thanks, culture will eventually be added

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