For single player it adds the mission select screen. There's a LOT of features to this amazing 'patch' for EF2 Multiplayer. It's a MUST have if you play EF2 MP.. not only does it add many EF1 features to EF2, but it also extends upon some of EF2's own MP to make it way better. Some EF1 features are like the detpack (lovely, huge explosion now}, the ability to talk to your attack/target (sort of like a private messaging feature), the holodeck intro, awards, intermissions and much more. Some of the things it fixes are that bots stay from one match to another (previously you'd have to keep re-adding them), better disintegration/sniper aiming, working map loading screens (so you can atleast see what map you're about to play! The system of map loading screens has also changed to avoid a lot of horrible confusion with the normal EF2), no more flypaper walls, more server customizations, etc etc etc.. you really want to check out the readme for what all this patch does

Elite Force II Ultimate patch 1.1 Linux
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