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This is a brilliant mod. I was actually really disappointed when I reached the end and saw "End of part 1" I need more of this.
A sanity mechanic that is just... So amazingly done, the concept behind it is so cool and could have so much done with it. And It is used to a really awesome extent. Really cant state how much I loved this.
Story - When they say "Silent Hill meets Bloodborne" they are not joking. You can easily see where the influence lies, but they make it their own. Things like Silent Hill as a city, and Bloodbornes Hunters Dream and "The Hunt" are used, but made into something totally new.
Puzzles - I got stuck a few times trying to figure things out, but managed to get around most things with some smart thinking. Some stuff will not be obvious, think outside of the box and you will be rewarded. Overall not difficult, but does take some thinking.

There is voice acting, and its not the best. But it works more than well enough for the game itself. Just dont expect anything outstanding.
Length - This is not a very long experience, I finished it in around 1.5 Hours, possibly less.
Bugs - There are a few known issues with the mod, and thankfully the author has placed a "Known issues" text file in with the mod, read it. Luckily I didnt run into any other issues that were not listed in that file, so that was great.

Overall? Play this. Support this. And please for the love of everything make a part 2.

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This is straight garbage.

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Hi! I don't speak english but here's my try. I am trying to play but when i start the bat file and press the key nothing happend! so, what i have to do? i play from epic games, is it the same?

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If the bat file uses the launcher file rather than the game exe try the following.

edit the bat file to use the game exe (Amnesia.exe) as it would fix the problem.

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An amazing mod I streamed, it was one of the best I have played for sure and I hope episode 2 will be out soon.

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