This is an early version of the mod and only the fighters, Tier 1 and 2 vessels have been reworked (kind of, some elements need to be boosted and others nerfed). The rest will be developed over time. We are looking for testers (specifically those who can battle a real person as the AI isn't quit designed to play like this) who can bug hunt and make suggestions to improve the mod. Drop a comment below or contact us directly if you are interested. Please also keep in mind that the space stations of each faction have not been 'upgraded' yet and are really easy to destroy with lower tier vessels. Right now we are concentrating on the actual ships themselves and will address stations and defenses later. Additionally, we have not done any work on the Zann Consortium as of yet as we look to first get out an Empire and Rebellion side of the mod before returning to the Consortium.

EAW - Realistic Mod v0.03.2
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