A Duke Nukem music mod for the classic Doom games meaning Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 & Final Doom. The songs mostly consists of Duke Nukem 3D themes & Total Meltdown from the PSX port. This is my 1st ever mod of any kind so please don't be harsh. For Ultimate Doom, it plays Duke Nukem 3D music from the remastered tracks from the Megaton Edition port. And For Doom 2 & Final Doom, it consists of the tracks from Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown. And the songs can also work on some mods as well. I've always liked Duke Nukem themes and wanted to hear them whenever i played some other games, and Doom just happened to be 1 of them

Duke Nukem Music For Doom
JohnMquade - - 6 comments

Really cool man. I love music mods.

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MrRumbleRoses Author
MrRumbleRoses - - 450 comments

thanks :) this is my 1st ever mod of any kind, and i figured Doom needed some new tunes, and i happen to enjoy the music from Duke Nukem

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