Duke Forces is a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D which runs on the EDuke32 platform. Version 1.1 includes a new enemy, a new weapon, bug fixes and rebalancing. See the included readme for more details. Run EDuke32.exe to start game You must have a copy of Duke Nukem 3D installed on your computer. The included Eduke32.exe is for 64-bit Windows systems. If you need a 32-bit executable, you can find it here: Troubleshooting: If you own Duke Nukem 3D but you get an error message that "DUKE3D.GRP" cannot be found, or something similar, then you need to find the file "DUKE3D.GRP" and place a copy of it within the DukeForces folder where Eduke32.exe resides. If you try to play Duke Forces in an 8-bit graphics mode, then you will get a pop-up screen in-game explaining that Duke Forces requires a 32-bit graphics mode to work. This is true. Select a 32-bit graphics mode (the Polymer renderer is recommended).

Duke Forces 1.1

Right on, gonna check out the new changes!

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