This is an update for the City of Ferdok. The landscaping and architecture work is now finished, and the town is now complete. You can now visit 2 new districts. Additonally to the districts Ugdan Hafen and Fuhrmannsheim, you can now visit the districts Praiosplatz, Grafenstadt and Zwergenviertel (Dwarven District). The Dwarven District includes a completely working and populated Area called Tiefenstadt. It contains 20 new interior cells. It's recommended to start a new game in order to visit Ferdok, don't spoil your savegames, it's still a dirty mod ;) The dwarven race is now playable. To enable this race, i've added a door to the starting prison cell. If you go through, be sure to choose your class and birthsign. You'll be teleported directly to Ferdok, into the northeasternmost district. You'll also find a chest with some basic items. Look down, or you'll trip over it ;) The dwarven district is the southwestern most one, and Tiefenstadt is inside the big, grey building.

DSA Kosch2 v0c
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