Brand new free take on the classic Pipe Game. Tricky puzzles to solve. In this Plumber Game you are contracted to get right into the down and dirty drainage systems. Your task is to connect drainage pipes by rotating them in the direction you see fit so that the water flows unimpeded from RED to GREEN and drains. But be warned! Drain pipe Contract is not so easy as it seems. Drain Pipe Contract is a tough Puzzle Game to solve. Things have become more of a puzzle and tricky and it gets worse as you move further down into the drainage systems of the world. There is no time for scrounging. Drain Pipe Contract features: ★ Play 5 Islands and 55 Challenging plumber puzzle levels ★ Complete island and earn 4 different type of island badges ★ 6 types of difficulties never played before. ★ Free Play and Time Trial modes ★ Clean, colorful graphics ★ Test your mind against the puzzles. ★ Stuck on a level? Use hint to solve the puzzles!

Drain Pipe Contract : Plumber Game
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