This mutator, which may have been unknowingly inspired by the PortalGun mod for UT2004, replaces the Impact Hammer with the Doorway Controller, which is used to place "Doorways" around a map. Press fire to place one at your current location (and pointed in the direction you're facing). Press altfire to cycle through your Doorways; it will tell you some useful inofo about each one. But what the heck are these for, then? Well, if you haven't guessed yet, they are teleporters. When you have a door selected, type "setcode (code)" in the console to set that door's code. This code is used to connect another door to this one; find or place another door some distance away, stand near it and type "opendoor (same code as before)". After some fancy effects, a 1-way teleporter will be formed from the door next to you to the first one you placed. Notice the light over the door. If it's green, you can walk through it to be teleported to the other end; if it's red, stay away or you may be telefragged

Doorways mutator
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