First updated version to the mod; full changelog included in download.

Doom 64: Retribution (Version 1.1)

Great release, guys! I won't be able to download this for a couple weeks, anyone got a quick list of the major changes in this update?

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Hey, Nevander, I love how you made the doom 64 mod. For purist and casuals alike. But i had a little request and, maybe, and interesting idea to share with you. I'm desesperately waiting for the Retribution chapter and i was thinking that i would be awesome if you could put the missing monsters in it. Like the Revenant (maybe make this as PSX DOOM? Slower, but deadlier), the Spider Mastermind, and, (i don't know if this posible) a new graphic Arch-Vile. I know that the original Doom 64 doesn't have them, but well, i think that the Retribution chapter, the one that links the event in Doom 64 with Doom 2016, NEEDS them. I would be great if is there a way to show how doomguy gains the brutal atitude that he have when he becomes the DoomSlayer.
Well, i write a bit much, sorry if i bother you. but i can't hold on to myself when i start dreaming of your Retribution chapter. Its so much fun brainstorming ideas.
Hope you give the community an amazing new chapter in our favorite game.
See ya!

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Nevander Author

I am undecided on new monsters for the Retribution episode. I may add the Chaingunner into the episode since there are some nice sprites for them that I found. If I were to include the others like the Revenant and such, I would definitely want all new sprites made in specific Doom 64 style. I definitely do not plan to use a Tchernobog ripped from Blood.

Since you are very excited for the new episode, here's some insight into the "plot" that I want to use to connect the games:

Directly after killing the Mother Demon, you travel through a deep ancient cave system and reach an ancient portal to another realm of Hell. It is in this realm where you come across many ancient and unholy structures and complexes of Hell, one of which is a castle home to the Night Sentinels and "the wretch." Inside this castle, you find and equip the Praetor Suit and continue your onslaught of preventing the Demons from ever rising again. You exit the realm and return to the outermost layer of Hell. Upon reaching the outer layer, you come across the Relay satellite which sent the message that started the game. The satellite was brought into Hell itself and is still broadcasting a faint signal. To divert the UAC's inevitable attempt to enter Hell themselves to investigate, you go inside to disable it for good and guard the gates to Hell. However things aren't so simple. Upon arriving at the gates to Hell, you discover the Demons are gearing up for another invasion. Thousands of Demons stand before you ready to invade Mars and Earth again, desperately seeking "retribution" for what the Doom Slayer has wrought upon their worlds. Only this time, the Demons realize they cannot defeat you with only their strength, and so they trick you. You wipe out hundreds of them before wandering into a sacred corridor. It's too quiet, no Demon in sight. Entering the room was the Doom Slayer's only mistake. A demonic spirit overcomes you, your power and strength are gone. Your weapons disintegrate, and you see only darkness. The Demons laid a trap, and your thirst for ending their lives was your downfall. Your armor is stripped, you are buried alive and sunken deep into a Demonic temple. Your armor buried beside you, you and it sealed into solid rock. The temple is demolished and collapsed over the Doom Slayer, and the Demons being to rebuild their armies for their next invasion. Que DOOM 2016, in which the UAC re-enters Hell, discovers the temple, and bring you back to Mars. Not long after, the Demons discover the Doom Slayer is gone. UAC left behind their footprint, and Hell follows. The invasion begins and the Demons have no remaining choice. It's time, they have to kill you or you will awaken and end them all. The Demons still underestimate your ability. You awaken, and begin seeking Retribution on every living Demon in existence. Your blood boils with hate, and all Demons must die. Rip and tear!

FYI: Some of this may be canonically incorrect as I wrote this up literally right now. I will refine it and it will become the plot to the episode.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. The story, so far, is totally consistent, the only thing that needs elaborate properly (not only in your mod, Bethesda should had do it too) is the part of the Night Sentinels, the wretch, and the praetor suit -supossedly- the original doom guy suit enhanced by the wretch. If it was my story, i would made the Night sentinel a rougue squad of the earth forces, trapped in a very depth layer of hell and mind warped for that. The wretch could be a hellspawn captured by the sentinels and submitted to inimaginable experiments by them. The doom guy, disliking the method of the order, set free the wretch and they escape togheter. Then, the wretch, improve doomguy's suit. But sudenly, they are found by the order...i don't know how to make the order symbol to properly appeard in doomslayer helmet after he awakes. But beyond that, the storyline of your mod looks fantastic. I'm drooling for play it now.

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