THIS FILE IS UPDATED -- PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Well here it is! Our first Official release of the mod! If you have not checked out our mod before, this is definitely the version to try! There are new maps, new weapons, tons of features, tons of bug fixes, so much stuff! Check out the readme for more details of the changes in this release. Some key highlights include: * PDA is fixed!! * Sound problems are fixed * Weapon animation problems are fixed * Inventory and armor/health carries over on SP coop maps * New highscore system where servers keep track of the top 10 highest scores for each map * Server admins can ban players for a specified amount of time or indefinitely (new commands are lms_banPlayer, lms_removeBan and lms_listBannedPlayers + the si_banContact CVAR) * Player names can be displayed above their heads * New messages when the player is killed * Added new cvar lms_servermotd for a custom message of the day for server admins * New Maps Prog_Bunker and Def_Radiotower * New...

Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing Coop 1.0 Official Windows
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