Level 2 Passcode "924" Nothing about the E3 Version has been changed only settings in the "DoomConfig.cfg" where changed to make the leak launch-able again, A full list of the settings changed are included in the "Warning!.txt" file i've provided and it's also displayed at the start of the setup, I suggest you read it :)

Doom 3 E3 Leak (Fixed 2016) Level 2 passcode 924

I set the game on this
there are commands
r_diffuse 1 - Enables diffuse mapping
Image downSize (Enables / Disables image downsampling for all non-bump and non-specular maps.)
The hardest thing is to get to the bottom of r_diffuse, because it worked only once, during the intro of the game I overloaded the data on runact.cfg
And what's quite important, and I accidentally came across it, you have to make your cfg files read-only! Otherwise, the game engine will remove some changes and there will be no effect :) It seems to me that how Doom 3 uses chiaroscuro, mapping etc. depends on the driver for which it was written NV20 / NV30, GL2 or useR300 -> https: //forum.hardwareheaven .com / threads / for-the-radeon-9700-owners. 6777 /

r_diffuse = 0 Enables diffuse mapping (Disable for speed, enable for quality)
r_skipBump = 1 I guess that disables bump mapping when on
r_specular = 0 Enables specular mapping (Disable for speed, enable for quality)
r_useStandardGL = 0 Disables bump mapping and maybe more

Unfortunately, I still don't see the gloss of the maps :(

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There is a solution and it works :) DooM shines again on new computers: D
A hint was given to me by the user "TheDanonon"

Common-Extension limit and select 0x00001B58
Najprościej zrobić to z nvidiaProfileInspector.exe
W Programie ustawiasz tylko.
Extension limit --> ustaw na -->0x00001B58 (Hired Team, Quake3, Quake2, Dark Salvation, Heretic II, Quake, Star Trek Elite Force, Hexen II, Kingpin)"
(Fixed graphics for modern graphics cards)
(Extension limit - you can also set it in the graphics drivers)

.and here my scenes are mirrored because the TGA format does it so strangely :)
Have fun murdering demons: D

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gamehacker Author

Just saw your images now i'll have to try those settings out :)

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Dodałem do wersji alfa nową latarkę Duct Tape, mapy Parallax i mocniejsze specs :) Teraz pracuję nad przeżuceniem Intra wraz z nową mapką dla rozpoczęcia :)
ps: Gdyby ktoś chciał pograć w mapki dodatkowe dla wersji alpha 0.02 doom 3 to polecam wpierw zrobić trestmap lub najpeościej wyjście je w już wydanym doom 3 v1.3.1 :)

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