Well here it is, the release of version 2.0 of our mod! You really need to try this version as it is a huge improvement over 1.0 with all the bugfixes and features. Possibly the biggest new feature is ROE Coop (the Doom 3 expansion pack) since the Xbox version does not even support coop. Thanks to the hard work by Hobbes, fans of ROE can get the chance to play it coop! Also Kaiser's singleplayer maps Tlabs Complex, Refueling Station, and Sigma Quadrant have been tweaked for coop play! If you have never played a Kaiser map before, you definitely need to check these out since Kaiser is easily one of most talented mappers in the Doom 3 community. His webpage is located at Also by popular demand, ragdolls can now be turned on using the cvar lms_useragdolls and monsters drop their weapons. Other features include: * Thanks to the hard work of Hobbes and help of Gen. Meister, Mac is now supported! * Completely rewritten the AI netcode. Reliable messages overflow should be very rare now....

Ekman - - 1 comments

Cant download from MOD DB link. Get an error, when the window pops up, "Page can't show".

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haaman - - 1 comments

8) works for me this is the best game ever hooha

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64fanatic - - 2 comments

Though they took out some of the guns because it was "too easy" though its only easy becasue you respawn whenever you die, so its never hard....

great mod overall though for its extra options over other ones:

their own custom maps
support for more than 4 players.

Though for Doom 3 without expansion i reccomend Opencoop, because they don't remove anything from the experice.. LIKE THE GUNS

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