When America is in peril from the Mexicans, Donald must build a wall. But who is going to pay for the wall? That's right, the Mexicans! Join Trump in Mexico where he must brutally murder all of the Mexicans in order to gather a small loan of a million dollars and make America gr8 again! A true master piece in the gaming world, with the amazing immersive story and beautiful soundtrack. Made by ducksontheloose, If you steal my game Ima sue your ass. REVIEWS: (Totally not written by me) "11/10"-ign "Best soundtrack ever!"-The Daily Tuesday "So accurate"-Donald Trump "We wish our graphics were that good"-Bethesda "This is some next gen stuff" -Microsoft "Shaping the future of gaming"- My mum DISCLAIMER- This is not intended to be racist or offensive, It's all just for giggles

Donald Trump Simulator

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