The development team of Dodgeball for the Source Engine would like to announce that the Dodgeball Alpha 3 release has been made public! More progress has been made since the last release (Alpha 2) than we could possibly have anticipated.Much of this progress has taken place because of your great enthusiasm and contribution to our testing sessions! Head over to to download this highly anticipated release! We have an alpha 3 server up at This server will host the newest version of Dodgeball and will cycle through the maps that haave been released. Download the Alpha build and head into the server for some serious competitive Dodgeball mayhem! Updates/Changes - Balls now have red texture - Hands are animated and catching the opponents ball is - possible (but not unless you practice) - Balls respawning fixed on db_skyscraper - Falling Damage fixed on db_skyscraper - Dodgeballs now bounce and react to physics like a rubber ball. They can bounce off of players, walls, the...

Dodgeball: Source Alpha 3
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