This one returns Napoleon Total War to Vanilla status. If you overwrote the old patch6.pack, then you cant play multiplayer, for your version differs from others version of NTW (found that out the hard way). Same installation process, its just this DOES NOT let you dismount your cav. INSTALLATION PROCESS To download, just click download, say save to desktop, and let it download. Next, unzip it. After that, you must go to this location: OS(C:)/Program files(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Napoleon Total War/data. You will see that the title of the mod is patch6.pack. there is a patch6.pack in the data folder already. take the patch6.pack that is there, move it to a secure location, and put my patch6 in the data folder. Then, you just run Napoleon Total War, and it's fixed!!

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