Greetings, NEW UNIT, check elf section for info ! I made this mod for the sake of realism in disciples, and with the need of balance in mind ! It was also done to help some units to become more relevant, or less overpowered ! Just be sure to make a backup of your Globals folder in the you wanna revert changes. A thing worth mentioning is that all leader units now cost 350, I don't see why a pegasus knight should be more expensive than a rod planter, or Baroness, they have the biggest titles in their factions and require lots of training. Thieves no longer have a leadership of 1, this created a bug when the thief 'hero' was dead, enemy capital was conquered, and he still tried to perform actions on you(too bad). But I gave them all a poison attack, which should be normal for such characters !

Disciples 2 enhancement mod v 1.2
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