The same version but without exp bonus. Other than that, it's the same mod, changing units' ability from attribute based to level based.

Disciple Reincarnation Tactics Alpha vanillaEXP

Started playing the Empire campaign with your mod. It's pretty much what I've been looking for after trying out a couple of other ones. You fixed a bunch of basic flaws: your units can actually hit things now, it's less obvious which upgrade path is the best, and you don't need to grind like a dog to get anywhere. Furthermore, there are no superfluous additions - no new (and potentially imbalanced) units, nor any stuff removed because of bizarre lore concerns. Rebalancing mods should do what yours does, and offer new content only optionally.

Thank you immensely. I hope this gets some new updates (such as typo fixes and clarifications of vague skills like "Level up"), but as it is it's pretty good anyway.

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