It's game... and it's about... IGNAS!! The perfect sequel to the ultimate neverending DESTROYERS OF IGNAS campaign is unleashed! Now you can listen to KILL IGNAS and kill Ignas at the same time! (Ain't that cute?) DOI game is a mod/TC for Wolfenstein 3D and Newwolf, and due to the point of the mod (which is... "KILL IGNAS!"), you won't need to save/load your game often and still produce hundreds of corpses of Ignas. You can even skip some levels if you like, by taking the elevator just as you enter the floor! There is a boss and a secret level too. Features: * Enemies replaced with walking and talking Ignas * Different death animations * KILL IGNAS - the ultimate soundtrack * One whole episode of 9 levels, incl. secret one * "Read This!" manual and all endgame briefings with a plot for Wolfenstein 3D * Several new wall textures * Ignas - the boss!! * Turboaddictiveness

Destroyers Of Ignas
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