Desert Fox (5 missions mini campaign) This is an old Mech Commander 2 campaign by Mechlab. Camapign mission brain files are changed to be compatible/playeable with Mech Commander Omnitech (most of them automaticaly). All files are changed without permission from original author(s). If the original author(s) think that this is inappropriate, we will remove the campaign and download link to this campaign. If someone knows the original author please tell us so that we can give proper credit.

Desert Fox

I know you guys aren't the original creators, but let me give you some feedback anyway.

The first mission is a little too difficult. Even with an Atlas and Cylops, my pilots keep having to punch out. I tried editing the level myself, but the editor crashed when I tried to save the modded version. Here are some ideas to make it easier;

1) Replace the Men Shen with a Raven
2) Connect the turrets to capturable turret controls
3) Replace the Jaegermech with a medium mech. I lost both a Cyclops and an Atlas because of that guy
4) Enable some the other support options.

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Great little campaign, I had a lot of fun, only downside: too few missions!!! I loved the maps!!!

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