Created/edited by Stanislav Mishchenko/Anastasiia Korsun 03.11.2015*16-45 S.added hollow background 03.11.2015*17-03 S.added hollow eye actor 04.11.2015*14-22 S.added firefly with randomly move and fade out/in effect 04.11.2015*15-35 S.created 'n' fireflyes when scene is start 04.11.2015*18-35 S.fixed the trees, created/added 3 different fireflyes style, changed loader bar 05.11.2015*17-48 S.make a rain as an actor 06.11.2015*15-55 S.added 3 tipes of raindrop 06.11.2015*16-11 S.optimized background

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