A new demo is finally done. We added a trading station to the game. Player can build it after completing one research. Also player may trade with an ally. Somehow I found music. Now if you click the Borg campaign button you'll start a simple mission. However, not so simple. This mission is not an RTS one, but RPG. Everything is based on this now. The self-destruct ability is replaced with switching torpedo type. It affects the time of reloading and torpedo damage power. There are no special abilities for Borg ships in this RTS mission. But the other ships have their own abilities. Defiant class has a cloaking device. Promentheus class has a speed increasing ability. Sovereign class can repair it's hull. All the ships are warp-capable. The effect is already added. There's no enemies on the Federation map (Federation campaign button). You can peacefully develop you base and examine changes.

Demo - 18
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